Why trakr?

trakr was born in 2016 after Anthony, a Boston-based blogger, approached Josh, a full-stack developer and ad-tech expert for help with Google Analytics. Anthony wanted to track clicks, and he wanted to use that information to better-target his audience using additional tools like Buffer or Hootsuite. Google Analytics was way too complicated, and bit.ly didn't break down the data in a way that was useful. Worse, the enterprise versions of Google Analytics and bit.ly cost thousands of dollars.

Josh took this information and put it together into an offering that is very affordable and easy to understand and use, catered to bloggers, social media rocksters, entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, and small businesses.

You don't need to be an ad-tech expert or marketing guru to use trakr.

Is trakr free?

By logging in to trakr via one of many possible social accounts (we support Google, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or LinkedIn) you enable your free trakr account, which includes 50 free custom URLs, each with unlimited data collection, as well as reporting and analytics for interactions, referrer data, and clicks by country going back 31 days.

trakr offers upgrades that allow you to create more custom links, enable URL rotation, and enable detailed geolocation data, which is accurate to the city in more than 99% of cases.

See our pricing for all costs.

See products, and features for a feature walkthrough.

Can I invite people to trakr?

Yes, you can invite anyone to join your trakr account, or an account on which you are an administrator! Navigate to your account settings, fill in the person's email address under "Add User", select their level of access (Guest, User, or Admin), and click "Add". If they're not already a trakr user they'll be invited to join, and once they've logged in will instantly and automatically be granted the correct level of access to your account.

What's the difference between guest, user, and admin

  • Guest: read-only access to see custom URL dashboard (including totals) and run reports.
  • User: access to create or delete custom URLs in the custom URL dashboard.
  • Admin: access to account settings, can update the account name, invite users to the account, and manage subscriptions.

What are "interactions"?

trakr is so flexible that you can use a link to track just about anything. You can track:

  • clicks by using your trakr link as a link
  • impressions on an ad by making your trakr link the piggyback pixel
  • page views by making your trakr link into an image on your page

How do I use a trakr link as an impression tracker?

As mentioned above, a trakr link is very flexible. Anything that "fires" the link counts as an interaction, which makes turning it into a piggyback pixel or impression tracker super simple! Anywhere you can add HTML copy and paste the following template, replacing the "<TRAKR_URL>" with your custom trakr link. No fuss, no muss, no libraries to load or knowledge of JavaScript required:

<img src="<TRAKR_URL>" style="display:none;" />

What information do you collect about users?

As little as possible. We allow you to use popular third party sign-in methods, like Google, so that you never have to enter a password at trakr. We never see or store password or credit card information at trakr, working with and relying on security behemoths like PayPal to securely manage your data.

How long do you keep click data?

Interaction data is kept forever. Currently you can the previous 31 days of click data in full.

One of the future add-ons of trakr will unlock data going back further in time.

Why are many referrers "UNKNOWN"?

Any link that comes from within a mobile application will likely not have referrer data. We'll do our best to provide updates to determine where users are coming from on the web.

Likewise, if a user copies the URL and enters it directly into the address bar there will be no referrer data.

Be aware that Twitter in particular often blocks the referrer data.

Is trakr secure?

trakr's founder, Josh Begleiter, is a security and ad-tech expert with over a decade of real-world experience. trakr is designed with security best-practices in mind from the ground up.

What is the trakr uptime guarantee?

trakr offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee on URL redirection and data recording.

How do I get in contact with you?

We're real people and we respond personally to all email and Tweets that require our attention. You can find information about how to contact us via our contact page.

Where are you based?

We're 100% based in Boston, MA, in the USA.