Last updated January 26th, 2017

What follows is some boilerplate legal speak that we strongly advise you to read, but doesn't differ greatly from those of other similar services.

Trakr (a.k.a. trakr, a.k.a. herein "we" or "us" or "our") provides an URL shortening service through trakr as well as through the TrakrAPI. This privacy policy applies simultaneously to the use of services and collection of data provided by you the users through said services.

Within this policy, the terms "using" and "processing" information include the use of cookies on a computer, analyzing the data through statistical analysis and / or aggregation or any other means of manipulation or use, including but not limited to collecting, storing, disclosing, and transferring information within the United States or internationally. The primary goal of this endeavor is to better understand and thereby improve the utilization of our services.

The information we record (through "log data") is automatically recorded and stored indefinitely. This data may include (but is not limited to) your current IP (Internet Protocol) address, browser type, operating system type, the web page(s) you visited before coming to trakr, and the web page(s) you visited on trakr. We use this information to monitor and analyze site traffic, as well as protect our site, for the purpose of improving trakr and the utilization of our services. We will not knowingly collect data on any person(s) younger than 13, see our policy on children below.

We may use all data in perpetuity without restriction within the bounds of United States law. This means that we will not use Personally Identifiable Information (PII) when working with third parties, and will never share any PII unless required to do so in compliance with the law. The aggregate information that we may share includes demographic data and location, most often related to the targeted delivery of advertising. We will not knowingly collect data on any person(s) younger than 13, see our policy on children below.

trakr will cooperate with government and law enforcement officials to enforce and comply with the law. We will disclose information to government and law enforcement officials within the bounds the laws of the United States, or if we deem necessary at our sole discretion, such as in the case of a legal claim or process, even that of a private party, including but not limited to subpoenas. We reserve the right to share information if it will be used to protect the property and / or rights of trakr (or a third party), to protect the safety of the public (or any individual), or to prevent or stop any illegal, unethical, and / or legally actionable activity.

Additionally, trakr may sell, transfer, or otherwise share some or all of our assets in connection with a merger, acquisition, reorganization, transfer of rights, and / or sale of assets (or in the event of bankruptcy).

trakr services are not intended for children younger than 13 years old. We will not knowingly collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from children who are younger than 13 years old.

trakr uses "cookies", or data files that are stored on your computer, which store content relavent to your use of trakr, as well as content relavent to targeted marketing and advertising. You may choose to stop storing cookies by changing the settings of our web browser. If choose to not accept cookies it may negatively impact the functionality (and your use of) of trakr. You can learn more about the use of cookies and how you can opt out of the marketing programs of third party advertisers in connection with their use of cookies and similar technologies, by visiting Network Advertising Initiative.

trakr contains links to external websites. These links do not necessarily represent an endorsement or a representation of affiliation with said website(s), and by extension the privacy policy, terms of services, security policies, or other practices of said website(s). trakr takes no responsibility for the content or practices of said website(s), including but not limited to the use of cookies, collection of data, and so on.

We reserve the right to update this policy at any time. We will notify you of any changes to this policy through the trakr website (and will update the date above when and if this occurs). Your continued use of trakr services constitutes an acceptence of the current privacy policy and terms of service.