Last updated July 15th, 2017

trakr provides a URL shortening service (free of charge), custom URLs and analytics (free of charge), as well as premium features for custom URLs and analytics, as well as licensed use of its API. These services should only be used for their intended purpose.

It is forbidden to use these services in connection with spam or any illegal activites, and any such use will result in your timely banning and you may be reported to any or all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and to government and / or law enforcement officials. trakr is based in the USA and abides by these laws and regulations, as well as all regulations that are enforced internationally for online services such as trakr. trakr (including administrators acting on trakr's behalf) may remove custom URLs and / or disable accounts at any time for any reason, which can be contested using our help email address provided in the contact section.

These services are provided without warranty of any kind.

The terms of service herein may change from time-to-time, this page can be used as a reference for the current terms of service.